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Investment fund sponsors are becoming acutely aware of the increased demands of oversight in managing institutional assets. In addition to the pressure to seek greater absolute returns in what many pundits predict will be an environment of modest returns, sponsors are also dealing with the expanding regulatory scrutiny and regulations to observe, the flow of new and ever more complex investment products, and the need to adjust their funds dynamically to rapid market changes. To meet those needs, DeMarche founded Discretionary Management services, LLC (DMS) which is a registered investment advisor and an affiliate of DeMarche Associates, Inc.


"Institutional Consulting teamed with quality, low-priced alpha from around the globe - always with an emphasis on downside protection."
Bob Marchesi, Founder

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Outsourcing Core Global Tactical Asset Allocation

This service provides discretionary oversight of the total portfolio for fund sponsors who wish to outsource the investment management function. DMS helps clients define their investment policy and construct their portfolios. Then, DMS takes on the issues of selecting the best managers and rebalancing various investment strategies.

This service manages a portion of a fund sponsor’s total portfolio. A typical assignment is to actively manage diversification across subclasses and styles of their global equity policy portfolio.

Our GTAA service is a dynamic global macro strategy. The DMS Investment Committee (IC) has established goals and objectives and defined benchmark targets and ranges for the portfolios.

The IC selects active sub-advisers to manage sub-allocations using DeMarche’s Manager Analysis Review Committee (MARC) approved managers universe. ETFs/index funds are utilized for tactical moves. There is no use of shorting or leverage.

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